Heavy industrial civil and structural design
– Mechanical design – including raw materials handling, detailed pipe-work design, layout and drafting (2D and 3D modelling)
– Process design – both specialized and general
– Control system development and design, including functional descriptions, software coding and instrumentation specification
– Electrical system design from high voltage through to low voltage systems
–  Control system design including DCS, PLC
–  Chemicals, fuel and explosives storage facilities
–  Dewatering technologies and water recovery systems
–  Fire engineering for new or existing facilities
– GIS capability
– Mine geotechnical & Dam Engineering
– Exploration road access design, permitting & construction, haul road design
– High & low voltage systems engineering
– Process water and potable system design and treatment
– Road, tunnel and bridge design, both on industrial sites and for public infrastructure
– Major structures for supporting and housing new process plant including water treatment facilities, filtration plants and cogeneration facilities in both green and brown-field applications
– Drainage channels and networks across brown-field sites
– Pipeline networks, pumping and pump stations
– Accommodation camp facilities
– Landfills
– Feasibility studies
– Concept design
– Modeling …